Wednesday, April 30, 2008

sketching at work

i ran into a classmate, whom i thought was hot, and said, hey we were in such in such class,
and she totally didn't acknowledge me.

passed off two of my shizness cards, one to a guy who had a booth at comic-con, and i forget whom else. maybe i only passed one off.

i had a conversation with a friend on the phone, and they cut me off midway to tell me their stupid story, which made me livid and hang up.

someone i know wen AWOL, dunno why. but i'm just tired of it.
if they would reach i knew they could...

not everythings so sunny in alex-town folks.


Karen said...

That's a great sketch!

soo said...

you know alex, we have a really different style, but there are some things that i can relate to with your style. Would it be cuz of the line work? I dig!