Tuesday, July 22, 2008



The MAN whips out his gun, holding it ahead of him.
The gold necklace dangles below he hesitates to move,
his heart pounces in fear.

Without him knowing, the WOMAN stands behing him,
watching over him. the MAN quickly turns around.


He waits for a moment for her to appear . . .


here's some stuff I was sketching out for my friend Irwin's short film,
check out this other short film he produced. THE SAFE HOUSE

also check out my friend RAMON's blog, he put up a 32 stanza poem dealing with loss
and redemption that is in dedication to his father.

also here's a song off of MIDNIGHT JUGGERNAUT'S album "DYSTOPIA"
it's called "Road to Recovery" i really love the spacey vibe, it's great stuff,
and i've been repeating it on my ipod like crazy.

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Ramon Trif said...

Wow...neat stuff. It is indeed a gigantic plus to be able to illustrate a consecutively ordered story to such degree and speed as you do. You will truly prosper from your masteries. Well done, good sir! I especially like the way you drew the girl. You've gotten even better at your craft. Good job!