Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Les gallery show

your mancrush ramon trif

maniac, and talented danny albert *visit his blog too!*

collab between ramon and I. (i did the monsters *suprise!*)

at the antagonist art movement show.
here are some photos courtesy (mostly of freakishly talented Ramon Trif **visit his blog!**)
and I.


Karen said...

You finally posted the pics up! Very cool. I do look that collaborated work with the trees and monsters.

Ramon Trif said...

Wow. Thank you 1000 times over for your kind words and explicit promotion of my work! lol Although, on a more serious note, you know this but I will say it again and forever infinite times over... I am glad to have the blessing to collaberate my friendship with you in this universe. You are my friend, my brother, my conscience, and a true person. For that I will always bear true strokes to you as well. Here's to the next gazillion years of our lives! Sick work, man! You are the Master Manipulator of Ink, the Herald of Destructive Creation, and the Curator of Disasterpieces!