Thursday, December 24, 2009

weird Japanese Christmas sketch . . .

So i was listening to the always interesting podcast,
and I got a little inspired to do a little manga/anime inspired type of art.
Which would kind of be inspired a little bit by the work of Peter Chung,
so that's why the guys are ultra thin... and also the complex weird designs of
Final Fantasy villains. I took a little time, and well rushed towards the end,
and this is before i decide to ink and color it. I didn't want the image to seem so well boyslove,
so I put the tough chick in there ready to strike.


Karen said...

Love the sketch, especially the line work!

Ramon Trif said...

Wow.. lovin' it, bro.

alexmercado said...

thanks guys!!

Anonymous said...

nice sketch,,,^^

alexmercado said...

thanks zy