Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shadow Falls: Angel of Death

Galen in the stock of episode sixteen.

Darvos ala the sexier tv version. (lol)

Flashback episode eight.

Opening, episode one.

Did a couple of drawings
based on the audiobook
"Shadow Falls: Angel of Death."
the third in a series of "Shadow Falls"
books by Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff.
which you can find @
Along with other audiobooks, such as
Number one with a bullet, Transistor Rodeo,
and my other fave of his works, "Diary of a Madman."
Really cool genre stories, you can find a list
of the free audio books on the right hand side of that page.
I took some artistic license with the work, but i think it works.

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Ramon Trif said...

Love the art, man! Always crave seeing your evolution and variation upon your unique style. Awesome and macabre, as usual!