Saturday, August 20, 2011

holding site on wix


Karen said...

LOL. Finally making a real portfolio? :-)

Looks spiffy, by the way.

alexmercado said...

i know,
i think it looks a bit kooky,
and i picked a bio pic that made me looked cockeyed, but whatever,
i just needed something to make
my filmography resume show.

wix is incredibly good for someone incredibly lazy as me.

Karen said...

Coworkers, friend and I were recently discussing Adobe's new program called Muse. The best explanation I can give is it's a combination of Dreamweaver, Flash and Frontpage/Fireworks. The whole idea behind it is that it can allow people to create a beautifully designed website without knowing any code.

You could always try it out and see if it can make something better than what you have here. (Mind you, I still prefer building my own from scratch only because I'm a control freak over code.)

alexmercado said...

MUSE, eh, i shall look into that, thanks!!