Thursday, May 22, 2008


Merh? here's some good ol' character design work.
ppl clearly inspired by individuals i know personally or met
in Williamsburg.

except for the devil in the BAPE clothing. (i was gonna put him in some "billionaire boys club" gear,
but meh.)

the first guy is probably inspired by an ultra douchebaggy looking guy a classmate dates.
second girl is amalgamation of girls i've met in seedy parties.
third is the gay African American guy with the kanye west and the black faux-hawk.
(he didn't start off gay, but man he looks like it)
fourth is the asian girl with the obnoxious leggings under the bicycle shorts. (yes i know a girl like
that, she was into me, UNTIL she got into that scene.)

and no i'm not attacking people from Williamsburg, i'm not as "cool" as them. shrug!!

and wow-wee-wow lookit this new delicious site!!
this inspired today's post!

very cool, stylized comics, read the 1920's Nightmare ones they're so surrealy beautiful!
(click Thursdays)


and going back to a previous story on this blog, the hot chick from my college who completely ignored me at my job when i reminded her we took history together came back again,
and she was staring me down like i was a runaway lust monkey... wtf?

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Karen said...

Hahaha... as a practically native Williamsburg resident (seeing as how I've been living here for a quarter of a century -- scary), I take no offense at your portrayal of the yuppies who invaded.

It's a really good sketch. For some reason, it reminds me of something animators would draw for for a cel.