Tuesday, May 27, 2008


will color this later

so this is after 50 posts,
and for the life of me, I can't imagine rummaging through the
archives, and finding stuff i' put in my portfolio. I'm such
a nutjob, that I'd need to make a perfect image,
which i always hardly feel i ever do.

Now what kind of portfolio, digitiall will i create?
i would mostly assume i'd do a site with subsections,
since i like to touch many topics of art. Like the black and white nightmarish
art, and the cartoony hipster character designs? comic book stuff,
realism (don't have any of that up) My scatterbrained thinking
really throws a monkewrench into this process of creation.
but we'll see, i'll just color this baby up, and hmm colorschemes.
what do u think.

and i gotta think up some scheme to work with
Jessica Yeomans, she's scary good and she thinks i am too, so hell why not!

1 comment:

Karen said...

I feel your pain about portfolio making. Seriously. Every time I redesign my portfolio, I end up re-cropping & re-sizing all my images. Actually, I'm at that point right now, and I can't bring myself to dig out the files and just do it.

As for digital portfolios, you can always start with a page with a sampling of your stuff first and see how it looks. If you find you have a lot you want to show, then break it down into sections.