Saturday, September 8, 2007


Hey everyone, just making my first post here, going to be updating as much as possible,
right now I am trying to get a new scanner, see if that works out.

Here is a quickie drawing i did straight with ink and brush about a year ago.
I'm hearing the Canoscan LIDE is good under 50 but takes like a minute to juice up.
because I'm sick of my HP 5500 just doing awful bright scans.

anyways, here are some cool links to check out . . .

> blog of cool artists

JEANSNOW.NET > blog from the cooler artistic aspects of Japan.

shoutout to Jessica Yeomans, a monstrously talented artist i take classes with.
hit herblog up for some amazing work.

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. . . . . . said...

dude i love your work...can't wait to see more! and i know a couple of those people...not all of them though