Wednesday, September 19, 2007


been bogged down with coming up with new ideas for personal pieces, as well as submitting to shirt companies. I have to come up with some original water color/ink pieces to sell on the street. As, ta-dah a street vendor . . . We'll see how that goes.

here be some random work 'fore i start putting up new stuff.
Wack attempt at trying JUXTAPOZ-ish art? ha ha. i like the clean and controlled line though.
Obviously not from my scanner.

speaking of.


JUXTAPOZ Street art/pop art magazine monthly.
LEMON MAGAZINE Killing time in Barnes & Noble led me to this badboy. wow
what an impressive magazine. It has a great Clockwork orange theme. (never saw the movie,
only a bit)

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Robert Bundy said...

Thanks! But the link should direct to Currently it directs to the mostly nonexistent

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