Tuesday, September 25, 2007


i don't read superhero comics, but when i'm bored at work, i mean really bored.
i see if i can draw them. my wolverine back then reallly sucked. this is better i think at least.
though his nose and face lean to his right, like i have a thing with all my character faces.
my spirit of vengeance i like though. I suck at chains sometimes due to lethargy, ha ha.
and no i didn't sit through the flick. i can't watch any Nicolas Cage movie unless it has the words 8 or MM in the title.
3-5 mins pen.

LINKS: GAME SET WATCH - Cool retro/current game art blog.

also i am currently reading the monstrously taxing and challenging (but strangely enthralling/captivating)
What a mindfork.

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