Thursday, August 7, 2008

books you should read.

Now don't let my lackluster "synopsis" turn you off, it's very early as i write this, but if you truly want some great reads, check these out, they're very fascinating character studies
that completely keep you riveted (well it did for me.)
I am drawn to complex, multilayered characters and my two favorite authors are kings of these
subjects, so please give it a chance, all these books can be found at the new york public library as well.

for NYers especially, or anyone that likes flawed protagonists but in a funny poignant way,
i'd say check out ARTHUR NERSESIAN'S complete bibliography

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* The Fuck-Up (1997)
down on his luck, screw up finds his world fallign apart so bad he has to work at a gay porn theater and pose gay while keeping his heterosexuality hidden. (it's fucking hilarious.)
* Manhattan Loverboy (2000)
pathetic scumbag gets his life taken over by a rich scumbag.
* Dogrun (2000) girl's boyfriend o.d.'s on her couch finds out he was messing around behind her back when all the women start pouring into her life.
* Suicide Casanova (2002)
creepy guy finds the porn star from his past he always had a thing for and vows to control her.
Chinese Takeout (2003) New York: an artist has to scrape by while falling love with a heroin addict.
* Unlubricated (2004)
girl tries to pull a scam on the theater scen by producing a play said to be made by a genius, her flies start to come back and haunt her.
* The Swing Voter of Staten Island
a surreal vision of an alternate New York city in chaos. truly epic.

if you like some great surreal books that twist reality, check out the complete english translated bibliography of
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i'd say start out with his novel "NORWEGIAN WOOD"
it deals with a young college man, who while trying to deal with life, has an undying love for a girl with bi-polar disorder. it's a great read.

for pulpy books read "the yiddish policeman's union" and "adventures of kavalier and clay"by michael chabon

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also Ryu MURAKAMI's "Coin locker babies" (two orphans *left in coin lockers as children*) grow up to find their mothers and exact revenge.

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