Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm redrawing my old webcomic

well, parts of it, which i originated in 2002.
some of the art is new, some of it old.
so it'll be a bit strange looking. Sure if nobody reads it
(like they never did before) it's a story i've had in my head
for a long time, that i want to see to it's ending.

It's also campy by stylistically violent, but I'm very proud
of how I write the characters, and the developments of the relationships.
That said, you've been warned.


1 comment:

Ramon Trif said...

Damn, bro! This is without a shadow of a doubt a HIGHER level of your web comic and of you! It's always a delight to my eyes to look at your style and see what new creations come out of that brilliant imagination of yours! You're a legend in the making! Keep up the quality and elevate it even more unto infinity!