Thursday, May 5, 2011

two wasted lives

poster/dvd stuff for the upcoming film i storyboarded for.
It's going to Cannes. So that's cool!
I really like simple, striking images when it comes to posters.
Well depending on the film, i believe one image can convey
the idea or feeling of a movie. I am a big fan of designer CHIP KIDD
who uses pre-existing images and plays around with
text/placement to get a desired effect.

the bottom two are alternative posters.


Karen said...

Very cool, and how wonderful that it's going to be shown in Cannes!

I really like the first poster best; it kind of reminds me of a very nice book cover too.

alexmercado said...

thanks, that's the one they're going with so it's pretty cool that people will see this there.