Saturday, March 10, 2012

puppet production

so my friend's short film is in pre-production
after being long in development.
He initially wanted a sequence to be
animated, and I have no patience
to do that... thankfully he mentioned
the idea of doing it as a puppet.
I can' build a puppet either, but
a friend was trying to do so for him.
I put out a search for puppeteers, or creators,
and through a friend of a friend, we were introduced
to a third friend that will take on the case. Luckily,
the gent used to work for Jim Henson studios in
some capacity, so that is very awesome.
I was asked to make some character schematics, or
spin around visuals. and here they are.


Karen said...

I was going to say that I didn't know you made puppets until I read to the very end. :-) But that is cool that you've found someone (with really awesome experience) to make them.

James Wojtal ,Puppet Designer said...

and i have begun the process and linked to you via my Tumbler page ..

alexmercado said...

Karen: yeah when my friend
proposed it, i was like
i'll try it. within 5 minutes
i was like who am I kidding,
thankfully we got the wonderful
James to take care of it.

James: thanks it looks
great! Thank you so much for helping us out.