Monday, February 18, 2008

The Card

Well, here's my new card!
I think I kinda hit the nail on what i wanted where it's kind
of a controlled chaos sort of art style, that links to my
e-mail and blog. *my cell phone number was on it as well,
but err, i edited that out for now.

so what did i do today,

well i got one of my own useless questions answered when
I took a trip to Mitsuwa in Jersey today.

i always wondered if there was a spot you can stand in where
it is raining in one section and not in the other.

well, as we drove towards jersey, I saw a huge black mass in the sky,
in the distance. Well, when we reached that point of no return, there
was a fine mist,
two minutes of driving and whammo, it was like a storm.

a really beautiful moment, I loved it.

- Had a great run this morning in aweseome awesome weather,
much more energetic when it's not so bitterly cold.

- got me some takiyaki, and creamyaki
- had some pork cutlet with shrimp and rice (though in hindsight
i should've gotten it elsewhere. made me miss GO!GO! Curry in NYC)
- some black sesame ice cream *ugh the best* gotta run this off tomorrow.

- read vol. 2-3 of Anne Freaks at Barnes and Nobles.

- Barnes and Nobles always propels me to be inspired and do my art books, then i get home and nada. ugh!!

- Finished up the third season of "THE WIRE". what a damn GREAT show.
and fitting finale to some of the strings left open through seasons one and two.
(getting my hands on the fourth season, trying not to be spoiled by the final fifth season.)

Yes it was quite a nerdy Sunday, but i loved it.


Ramon Trif said...

That's sweet! Too bad my card's made out of 1-ply toilet paper made form Alexander's scarf.

Karen said...

Love the card. It's really cool. :-)

When I worked on my card, it was name, url, email and cell. Having no address on it leaves it more flexible to use as a calling card as well.

Where are you going to print it?

I <3 Mitsuwa! Haven't been in ages though, but will probably go when the weather gets warmer. I usually go for one of those cool looking bento sets at the food court for lunch.