Tuesday, February 26, 2008

chicanery caught!

So I really like this color comp based off an old italian story about a
two headed man, or two men that share one body, and the shenanigans
with a whore that tears them apart.

Although the story is based in the 20's through maybe the 40's, or
even earlier. I wanted to make it look like a really snide 80's type of
advertisement. Sort of like my favorite book cover of all time,
which is the paperback edition of American Psycho,

someone in class caught that I had made no major change in the image from
this one. And I made invisible laser beams go forth towards her head in
my anger.

also in volleyball, our team is terrible, so i had no morale, and didn't want to play.
but the last volleys i was on the right side, and sure enough all the volleys came
to my side, and . . . of course i was awful, and got really terrible looks of disgust from
my teammates.

I wish they would just leave me alone. ;-(

also i heard this song and grooved along,
i dunno it was put on a video of disturbing stuff,
so here's the nice, alternative original one.

Juliet: Avalon

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